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Dawson County Tigers pounce on West Hall
Team moves to 3–0 on the season
S-Football pic 1.JPG
Senior quarterback Savaughn Clark leads the Tigers onto the field for their game versus the West Hall Spartans Sept. 7. - photo by Bob Christian
After last year’s heartbreaking double overtime loss to the Spartans, the Dawson County High School Tigers have been looking forward to this year’s visit since it first appeared on the calendar, and though this year’s version of the Spartans came into Tiger Stadium sporting a record of 1-2 on the season, nobody on the home team was taking the game lightly. “They have the potential to put it together at any time,” said Coach Tony Kijanko. “They have a bona-fide blue chipper in number 87.” The number 87 he referred to is West Hall’s defensive end, senior Corey Dupree. Standing along the line at a height of six feet and five inches and weighing in at a slim 215 pounds, Dupree possessed the strength and speed to be a disruption throughout the game, and early on looked as if he would, in fact, be the difference maker. Bringing immediate and heavy pressure to Tiger quarterback Savaughn Clark on almost every play of the first drive, Dupree was very effective in shutting down the Dawson County offense and ended the Tigers’ opening drive by forcing senior running back Ahmad Kamara to fumble in the red zone.