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Association has spring meeting
Looks at rule changes
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The Georgia High School Association held its spring meeting March 22 in Thomaston.

The executive committee discussed several proposals that will be implemented next year in high school athletics.

There were two major decisions that were settled during the meeting. The first major vote was to amend the Georgia High School Association Constitution to reduce the reclassification period from four years to two years. This was a reversal from an earlier ruling that would have kept schools in the same classification for a longer period of time.

The second major ruling concerns track. A motion passed to send the top four finishers in the region track meet to one of two sectional meets in each classification.

The top eight finishers in each of the sectionals will advance to the state meet beginning in 2012. The current format has the top two from each region advancing to the state meet.

The ruling will allow regions that have more than two athletes to advance to the state meet. Wrestling adopted the format two years ago with the top four finishers from each region advancing to one of two sectionals. The top eight from each sectional go on to the state tournament.

There are several schools that have already expressed an interest in hosting the sectional meets.

The boys' state meet will continue to be held in Jefferson and the girls' event in Albany.

Other requests and proposals at the meeting, included: a denial to move golf season from spring to fall and to prohibit basketball teams from warming up at halftime of the preceding game.

There was also a proposal that would limit the number of classes a school may be allowed to play up. The proposal was shelved until a future meeting.