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Alumni Spotlight: How Seth Adams changed his life to follow dreams of playing college football
SethAdams 1.jpg
In his junior year at Dawson County High School, Seth Adams was benching 235 lb. After finishing his freshman year of college football, he’s completely transformed his body and is benching 395 lb. - photo by Jacob Smith

While sitting in English class during his junior year, Seth Adams’ teacher asked the class to write down on a piece of paper what they wanted to do after high school and share that with the class. 

Adams confidently wrote that he wanted to play college football. However, when he stood up to tell the class, he was met with questions from the students around him: How are you going to play college football when you haven’t played a single snap for the high school team? 

“They were kind of right,” Adams said. “I was 5’11” and 270 lb. with no sort of muscle mass. That was sort of a wake up call and pushed me to be better.”

Later that season, Adams found himself in the parking lot right before a game, ready to quit and give football up. 

“Coach Watson, Coach Maxwell and Coach LeBlanc all walked out there to stop me,” Adams said. “Coach Maxwell said ‘If you work your butt off, you would be a great leader, a good role model. You will get a scholarship and be a team captain.’ Not only did the coaches make me a captain, but my teammates named me their captain as well.”

Adams began to change his body. He began working out seven days a week, a lifestyle choice that he holds onto. He started every game of his senior year and collected over 20 collegiate scholarship offers before committing to the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky. 

SethAdams 2.jpg
DCHS alumni Seth Adams currently plays offensive line at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky, where he started every game as a freshman. - photo by Jacob Smith
“They watched that game and reached out to me, wanting me to come out for a visit,” Adams said. “When I got out there, everything just felt like home. The offensive coordinator was the first one to reach out to me, but once I got there, all the coaches made it feel like home.”

Though Adams had accomplished one of his goals, he had not accomplished all of his goals.

During the recruiting process, the coaching staff told him they had signed 12 different offensive lineman and only five would be traveling with the team. 

Once again, Adams began working on himself so he could impress the coaches enough to let him travel with the team. Adams went from benching 235 and squatting 315 in high school to benching 395 and squatting 515. With all of his hard work, not only did the Cumberlands coaching staff let Adams travel with the team, he started every game in his freshman season. 

“That was awesome,” Adams said. “It was a big surprise. I only wanted to maybe make the travel team and I even doubted myself about that sometimes. It was crazy because that’s when I realized that hard work can get you somewhere.”

Adams credits a lot of his success for how much his family believed in him every step of the way, and how much he believed in himself. He added that being a part of the Dawson County football team taught him a lot about football and himself. 

SethAdams 3.jpg
DCHS alumni Seth Adams works out seven days a week to keep his body in the best shape possible. He plays collegiate football at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky. - photo by Jacob Smith

“Coach Maxwell taught us teamwork,” Adams said. “He preaches working hard and has the whole team strong in the weight room. I learned that no matter how tough it gets, I’ll keep working to get better. I’m really competitive but I always say to myself that don’t let someone make you quit and out work you. Always dig down deeper and pull out that little extra.”

When Adams is off the field or not in the gym, he can be found back at Dawson County High School, watching his little brother, lineman Cade Adams, play under the lights. He also finds time to study to become a veterinarian, a passion he gained from working with All Animals Veterinary Hospital in high school. 

On the field, Adams still has plenty he wants to accomplish. Next season, he and his coaches have discussed him playing on both the defensive and the offensive line in games. By the end of his career, he wants to be named an All-American and bring a national championship back to Williamsburg. 

“I’m not satisfied at all,” Adams said. “I never doubted myself. I believed in myself no matter what, despite what people were telling me. There’s a chip on my shoulder. I’m really competitive but I always say to myself that don’t let someone make you quit and out work you. Always dig down deeper and pull out that little extra.”