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FCA's Fields of Faith brings community together for special night
Fields of Faith
FCA’s Greater Hall County Metro Director Clint Fair addresses the crowd at the annual Fields of Faith event on Oct. 16 at Dawson County High School. His message focused on the topic of “Making the Right Choices.”

The Dawson County chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted the annual Fields of Faith gathering on Oct. 16 on the high school football field. Under the supervision of Area Representative Same Reed, the event was organized, promoted and run at the student level.

“The program is student-leader driven,” Reed said. “It is all based on what they do, and what they want to do. As the leadership grows the group itself has and will continue to grow.”

Despite the cold, windy weather this year’s event brought together over 200 students, parents, coaches and other members of the community for an evening of food, fun and worship under the banner of “One message, one field, one stand, one word.”

“Fields of Faith is designed for students to come together and stand for what they believe in,” Reed said. “The high school football field is an important place in most communities. Friday nights are all about “Friday night lights,” and it is just special to be under the lights in a place that is so much a part of the community.”

The highlight of the evening was the message of the guest speaker Clint Fair, FCA’s Greater Hall County Metro Director. Fair’s message centered on the topic of making the right choices as he shared his personal story about the negative impact of his early life decisions concerning drugs and alcohol.

“I wanted to emphasize to the kids to do what is right, not what is wrong,” Fair said. “I used my experience with drugs and alcohol and how my decisions with both cost me the opportunity at a career playing ball.”

Mr. Fair’s message hit home with the athlete-centered crowd as several members of the audience approached him afterwards to share their stories or thank him for sharing his.

“It was a great example of the power of a story and how God has worked in a person’s life,” Fair said. “It gives people an example, gives them hope.”

Focused on the ideas character development and spiritual growth the Fields of Faith concept originated in 2002 in the Oklahoma chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and has spread across the nation over the ensuing years.

“Our athletes all get coached on the x’s and o’s of their specific sport all the time,” Reed said. “We just want to make sure their hearts are coached as well. That they have the support structure they need at this time in their lives.”