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Dawson County and beyond
Brody Chester enjoying college baseball
S-Brody Chester follow up mug
Brody Chester - photo by Amy French Dawson County News

This week 2016 Dawson County High School graduate Brody Chester answers questions about his freshman year of college baseball at West Georgia Tech as well as his plans for the future.

How has your athletic career been so far at West Georgia Tech? My athletic career so far has been great. I have met many new and interesting people and playing college sports is more intense than high school.

What were your expectations versus what has happened?
My expectations were to come into West Georgia Tech and compete with everyone else on the other teams, which I felt that I did. At the end of the year though my averages didn't show that I did compete to my level of expectations.

What position are you playing?
As of right now I am playing third and second, but I play most games at third.

How difficult is it to manage your schedule with classes and athletics?
That is the hardest part about college and playing a sport while in college. My schedule is full every single day class in the morning, baseball in the afternoon, and working out at the end of the day. Rinse and repeat seven days a week.

What is the atmosphere like at the collegiate level versus high school level?
At the collegiate level everyone is good and no one is bad if they were they would not be on the team. You definitely have to compete to play.

What about the level of competition?
Everyone is average to above average they're on a team in college for a reason.

How did your experience at Dawson County impact your collegiate career?
My experience at Dawson County High School molded and shaped me into the person and ball player that I am today. For that I could never be more grateful and it all started with the coaches and players wouldn't be were I am today without them as well.

Would you change anything if you could? If so, what?
If I could change one thing about high school I would buckle down and focus on my grades. I would also focus on baseball and practicing it more than I did.

What has been the best part of your time at West Georgia Tech, both individually and as part of the team?
My favorite times at West Georgia Tech are the bus rides that will always be my favorite and most memorable part of any team I am on.

What are you studying?
My major is business management as of right now later on down the road I might change that. I'm indecisive of what I might change it to.

What would you like to do when you graduate?
I would like to own my on sporting goods business.

Do you get back to Dawsonville much?
I didn't get to come back at all during the spring semester but after baseball was over as soon as I could leave I did.

Do you miss it?
I miss Dawsonville every day that I am not there. It's my favorite place to be and the place where I am most comfortable.

What is the off-season like for you?
The off-season consists of lots of working out and summer classes.

What are your career goals?
Hopefully I can start a small business and work my way up to a well-known business.