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Carlisle signs to run for Point University
Carlisle Scholarship Signing pic
Teammates, coaches, and family joined Garrett Carlisle Monday morning as he signed with Point University to run cross country for Coach Zachery Tyler. Pictured standing, from left: Raleigh Payne, Jacob Poston, Coach Aaron Haynes, Nathan Shelp, Nico Poston, Ben Barrette, Coach Zachery Tyler, Coach Charles Beusse, Faith Sinclair Ronald Mulberry and Dillard Blanton. Seated, from left, are Gary Carlisle, Jr., Vickie Carlisle, Garrett Carlisle, Gary Carlisle and Kelsey Carlisle. - photo by Amy French Dawson County News

Garrett Carlisle is determined and if your name is on his wall, he's coming for you.

"He did have a goal sheet he stuck on his wall in his bedroom and his one goal was to beat the guy ahead of him," Carlisle's mom, Vickie Carlisle, explained.

Once he beat the guy ahead of him, he would move on to the next. That determination has garnered Carlisle a scholarship in cross country with Point University in West Point, Ga.

He signed a letter of intent on Monday morning at Dawson County High School surrounded by his teammates, his parents, siblings and coaches.

Carlisle and his family credited Coach Charles Beusse and the support he's gotten at Dawson County High.

"The improvement that I have seen with him over the past three years has been tremendous. He has really adapted to the training well," Beusse said. "He's really become more dedicated the older he's gotten.

"Garrett's run four years at Dawson and I was able to coach him for three years. I contacted Coach (Zachery) Tyler because I knew there was a lot left for Garrett."

"I admire his determination and perseverance the best," said Vickie Carlisle. "Keeping up with it every day, whether it's cold or hot, whatever the weather is. He's even known to go out in the rain."

"That's the biggest thing, determination," agreed Carlisle's dad, Gary.

"It's nothing we've taught him that's for sure," Vickie Carlisle said, explaining that neither she nor her husband are runners.

Carlisle said he keeps his goals realistic and he's excited about working with Coach Zachery Tyler at Point University.

"I looked at a few other schools, but none of the others felt quite like Point," Carlisle said of making his choice.

"It's very exciting, especially for Point. We try to bring in kids like him. He's not only going to benefit our cross country program, he's going to benefit the school, on and off the trail," said Tyler.

"Coach Beusse was always an encouragement and I think Coach Tyler will be the same," said Vickie Carlisle.