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Severe weather likely headed towards Dawson County
05-03-21 Dawson County severe weather

Dawson County could see severe thunderstorms throughout the next day, with the most widespread storms likely headed to the county on Tuesday afternoon and evening, according to a release from the National Weather Service. 

Several severe threats, including hail, damaging wind gusts, heavy rainfall and frequent lightning, are possible, and a brief tornado can’t be ruled out yet, according to the release. 

Dawson County Fire Chief and EMA Director Danny Thompson said that this time of year is when chances are higher for thunderstorms and other severe weather to move in. 

“It’s our typical spring and summer thunderstorm season, it’s that time of the year again,” Thompson said.

Both Monday and Tuesday, it’s important for Dawson County citizens to stay alert and up-to-date with what’s going on outside, Thompson said. That includes staying connected to the latest alerts issued by the National Weather Service as well of being aware of your conditions while traveling. 

“We’ve got some weather moving in over the next 24 to 36 hours that we’re just gonna have to continue to monitor,” Thompson said. “Turn your headlights on if you’re driving, slow down, watch for standing water and travel safe.”

According to Thompson, signing up for county alerts and having a weather radio are the two best ways of staying up-to-date with weather warnings and watches. 

“Weather radios and signing up for the Smart911 are the two best ways,” Thompson said. "The weather sirens are really for those individuals who are operating outside and not meant to alert you indoors; people are not gonna hear those on the inside.”

Especially during storm season, it’s important for citizens to understand the difference between weather watches and warnings, Thompson said. 

“Watches means conditions are favorable and warnings typically indicate that a tornado has been spotted either by a person or by a weather radar,” Thompson said. “And we don’t issue those warnings, we just pass them on to the community when they’re issued by the National Weather Service.” 

To sign up for Dawson County’s Smart911 emergency notifications, go to Follow the Dawson County Emergency Services Facebook page at for updates on the weather as the situation progresses.