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DCSO hosts SWAT school
05152023 SWAT SCHOOL.jpg
Recently, six men from Dawson and Lumpkin counties completed the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office 52-hour SWAT school. (photo courtesy of DCSO)

Recently, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office hosted a 52-hour SWAT school for attendees from Dawson and Lumpkin counties. 

According to information provided by the sheriff’s office, the school pushed the men to their mental and physical limits, and six men were able to successfully finish the school and celebrate their graduation upon completing it. 

"I am extremely proud of these men and their commitment to our county, our office and our chosen profession,” Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said in a Facebook post. “These newly certified SWAT Operators are truly a testament to the selfless character of our public servants and are the embodiment of dedication and service. What an honor it is to serve with all the men and women of our DCSO. We, as a county, have a lot to be proud of. “