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Customers with T-Mobile report issues with contacting area sheriff’s offices, 911
DCSO building
File photo.

Area phone users with T-Mobile have recently reported not being able to reach law enforcement through non-emergency numbers, and in some cases, an inability to reach 911. 

An official reason has not yet been determined as to the cause of the technical issues.

In Monday emails with DCN, Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson clarified the problem extended to his agency’s non-emergency numbers that end in 3535 and 3636. 

“Please notify your carrier and in the meantime, reach out to us from a different phone or by calling 911,” said a Monday afternoon DCSO post.  

That post later read that DCSO had also been notified of potential issues through their 911 line. 

“We have notified T Mobile of the issues we are seeing and created a ticket with them,” the DCSO post said. 

Similar issues were also noted east of Dawson, with Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard posting to his office’s Facebook page Monday as well. 

“The inability to talk [with communications/dispatch] has been described as: Someone calls communications/dispatch; the phone is answered and the dispatcher can hear the caller; however, the caller can not hear the dispatcher,” Jarrard said in the post. 

That post also described the problem as only being reported occurring with T-Mobile phones and recommended for people who experience this problem to notify T-Mobile phone repair services about it. 

“We are not familiar with the cause and have alerted the local phone provider and notified T-Mobile,” the LCSO post added. “If you are trying to call communications/dispatch in Lumpkin County and can not get through, please call 911 since all of those calls appear to be working correctly.”

DCN will update this story when more information becomes available.