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"PRAY FOR MASON PALMOUR:" Local high school student rushed through brain surgery after being unresponsive Thanksgiving morning
Mason Palmour, a student at Dawson County High School, underwent emergency brain surgery the morning of Monday, Nov. 29.

Four weeks ago, Dawson County High School student Mason Palmour was experiencing an odd tingle in his leg, causing his foot to fall asleep. 

While over at his best friend’s, fellow DCHS student Alex Stewart, he began to explain to Stewart’s mom, Anastasia Smith, symptoms of what sounded like spasms in his foot and had been experiencing for around two weeks. 

After Smith encouraged Palmour to talk to his parents about it, they went to the doctor to find out what the problem might be. Running more tests showed that Palmour had a blood clot in his brain. 

“Thank God he had broken his thumb earlier in the fall, so he had not been playing football,” Smith said in a phone interview. “That was honestly a miracle in disguise.” 

Palmour stayed at Scottish Rite in Atlanta for the next few weeks as doctors learned more about Palmour’s ailment and while Palmour relearned how to walk, due to his entire right side of his body going numb. 

Stewart and Palmour joined the high school’s fishing team right before Palmour’s diagnosis. A fishing tournament was about to happen and the doctor’s approved Palmour to be able to participate. However, the night before, Palmour complained of a headache and told Smith the next morning he did not think it was a good idea for him to go to the tournament. 

A round of scans at the hospital showed a tumor had grown on Palmour’s brain. Doctor’s were uncertain about what type of tumor it was, but went ahead and scheduled surgery to remove the tumor within the coming week. 

However, Palmour was unresponsive Thanksgiving morning while at the hospital. He had emergency surgery to relieve swelling, followed by another surgery to control bleeding from a brain bleed. Then on Nov. 29, Mason had the third surgery to remove the brain tumor. 

Palmour has been surrounded by his parents and three sisters during this time. 

Smith let the football team and football family know of Palmour’s condition and said she believed the best thing everyone could do was pray for Palmour and his family. 

The 2021 DCHS football team gathered on Sunday, Nov. 28 to pray for their teammate Mason Palmour, who had emergency surgery on his brain the following Monday morning.
According to Smith, 50-55 people gathered at the DCHS football field on Sunday, Nov. 28 in prayer for Palmour. At the gathering, donations were collected for Palmour and over $20,000 was raised by that group of people alone. 

Palmour has a bank account with the Bank of Ozark’s in Dawsonville and anyone wanting to donate just has to go to the bank and say they are making a deposit on behalf of Mason Palmour. Smith can also be contacted if donations are preferred that way.  

If anyone wants to support but cannot financially, the family wishes for continued prayers. 

“God can work miracles,” Smith said.