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Vote again tabled on rezoning for proposed mixed-use village
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Fox Creek Properties has applied to rezone 518 acres for a mixed-use village along Dawson County’s bustling Ga. 400 corridor.
Before tabling a rezoning application for Fox Creek Properties’ proposed mixed-use village, the Dawson County Board of Commissioners made it clear on July 21 that their central concern was residential development outpacing commercial and industrial aspects of the project. District 2 Commissioner Chris Gaines recognized the developer’s willingness to work with the county on the proposed project’s “moving parts” and to “bend over backwards to make concessions,” “but gotta get it right for their benefit as well as ours”. “If you ask me to go concurrent with commercial [development], I’ll tell you to turn it down and let me withdraw, because I couldn’t do it,” said lead developer Bill Evans. “If what we’ve done is not good enough, I understand.”