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Commissioners press “pause” on residential development with month-long moratorium
BOC moratorium 2022
During the BOC’s July 7 work session, Chairman Billy Thurmond, right, listens as District 2 commissioner Chris Gaines, left, talks about the need for a county residential rezoning moratorium in light of increasing concerns about a nationwide economic recession. - photo by Julia Hansen
“We know we can’t just stop growth,” said District 2 Commissioner Chris Gaines during the Board of Commissioners’ July 7 meetings. “What we can do is pause it legally within the bounds that we have.” During their voting session on Thursday, the Dawson County Board of Commissioners approved an emergency moratorium on the acceptance of new residential development rezoning applications effective from that meeting until Aug. 5, 2022. The BOC will hold a public hearing on Aug. 4 to consider a moratorium extension. DCN will update this article with more details about the public hearing once that information is advertised.