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City of Dawsonville to conduct impact fee study
City hall

During the Sept. 19 meeting of the Dawsonville City Council, council members voted to approve an agreement with the Georgia Mountain Regional Commission to conduct an impact fee study in the upcoming months. 

Impact fees are fees imposed on project developers to allow the developer to pay for all or a portion of the costs of providing public services to a new development. Currently, the city does not impose impact fees on developers. 

During the meeting, Dawsonville Mayor Mike Eason explained that approving the agreement with the Georgia Mountain Regional Commission (GMRC) isn’t the same thing as approving impact fees, but that the GMRC would conduct a study to help the city decide whether or not to consider putting impact fees in place. 

“This is not a commitment by the city to incur or adopt impact fees, but what they will provide us is with a document that will allow us to review it and then determine if we wish to proceed with impact fees and draft the ordinance from this document,” Eason said. 

Eason said that the city has had several bids on the project, but that the GMRC’s bid was the best. The cost to the city to conduct the study will be $15,000, and the document provided by the GMRC at the end of the study will be a “full-service document”, he added, so the city wouldn’t have to go back to the GMRC after the completion of the study. 

The city council voted unanimously to approve the agreement with the GMRC to move forward with the impact fee study.