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Dawsonville City Council votes to waive construction fees for upcoming Board of Education projects
City hall

During the Nov. 15 meeting of the Dawsonville City Council, council members voted to waive the city’s construction fees for the school system’s upcoming construction of the new agricultural center and multi-purpose facility. 

According to Planning and Zoning Director David Picklesimer, the school board submitted a letter requesting the city council to waive all of the construction fees involved in the construction of both of the new buildings. 

“The school board is asking to waive total fees of $15,934.20,” Picklesimer said. “Of that, the building permit fee is $11,986.20, the plan review fee is $3,029.60, the development fee is $918.40.” 

Picklesimer said he checked with surrounding counties, specifically Hall and Forsyth Counties, and that his contacts say that they do charge fees, but that one only charges the development fee. The school’s projects are being funded by SPLOST, not the property tax collections. 

City Manager Bob Bolz said so far, the city has paid the $3,029.60 for the plan review, so waiving the fees would include the city absorbing the money already paid into the city’s planning and zoning budget and waiving all further fees for the school board. 

Council Member Mark French questioned the city’s legal council about whether or not the city’s ordinances allow the council to waive the fees. According to City Attorney Kevin Tallant, because the school board is another government organization the city is allowed to waive the fees. 

“You can waive the fees — you would not be able to waive these fees, I don’t believe, if you were dealing with a private development,” Tallant said. “But because you’re dealing with another governmental entity we’re not gonna get into the gratuities clause concerns that I would otherwise have.” 

Dawsonville Mayor Mike Eason said because the school system does so much for the community, helping out the school system helps out the community too. 

“The school system is very important to our community; it does a great job,” Eason said. “They educate our children and all our community’s children as well as a lot of our citizens.” 

Council members voted unanimously to waive all of the fees for the school system’s projects.