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Incumbent Will Illg wins Dawsonville City Council Post 2 seat
Will Illg
Will Illg.

In the Nov. 2, 2021 Dawsonville city election, incumbent Will Illg won the city council Post 2 seat over competitor Mike Sosebee. 

Illg won the seat by 28 votes, beating Sosebee 186 to 158. 

Following the results of the election, Illg said he’s appreciative of everyone who voted for him because every vote counts in an election like this. 

“I would love to say thank you to everyone who came out and voted,” Illg said. “It is so important to vote in the city and local elections because that’s where you have the most control and before getting on city council I had no idea, now I can tell you firsthand that the best time to vote is local.” 

Illg works as an investment advisor and also as an associate pastor with Echo Ministries. He moved to Dawsonville in 2017, out of the city in 2019 and back into the city in 2020. He has served on the city council since he was appointed in May 2021. 

Illg said he’s excited to continue his service on the city council because he has a lot of good ideas he hopes to develop to help attract more people to the downtown area and help Dawsonville flourish. 

“I’m super excited; I’m glad it’s over,” Illg said. “I had ideas in my brain that I kind of put on hold momentarily cause it takes a lot of work to get that off the ground and if I’m just leaving it doesn’t make much sense to continue pursuing it, so I’m excited to keep doing it.” 

Illg said he could not have done it without the support and encouragement from those who voted for him. 

“The whole election thing today was a little nerve-wracking,” Illg said, “but everybody was sending me pictures of them voting with their voting sticker saying I voted for you and good luck; it was encouraging to get those along the way so that was nice.”