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Election Day 2022: Here’s how candidates fared in Dawson County’s biggest races

With most of Georgia’s 2022 general elections coming to an end, results show Republicans winning some of the highest state and federal-level seats during the midterms.

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Incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has been declared the winner in his gubernatorial reelection campaign against Democrat Stacey Abrams, who he also competed against in 2018. 

Republican Rich McCormick has defeated Democratic opponent Bob Christian in a highly-watched race for Georgia’s District 6 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. District 6 includes all of Dawson and Forsyth and portions of Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties.  

Georgia Republican Herschel Walker and incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock will compete against each other again during a Dec. 6 runoff election for U.S. Senate, since neither candidate won more than 50 percent of the vote.

In Dawson County, 13, 974 or 64 percent of local voters cast ballots in the general election, according to a Nov. 8 post-elections summary report from the Dawson County Board of Elections and Registration (BOER).

Four years ago, an overall 11, 606 or 63.5 percent of voters cast early, absentee and day-of ballots in the 2018 general election.

Before Tuesday, 9,057 Dawson County residents voted early in the 2022 general election, the report stated. 

The early voting turnout in Dawson County broke records leading up to Election Day 2022, with a record 41.48% of local voters casting ballots in advance, according to BOER’s report. 

Then, 594 or 2.72% of Dawson County people voted via absentee ballots, which combined with local early voters, brings local pre-Election Day participation to 44.2%. 

There are 30 absentee ballots and six military ones that have to be duplicated onto another ballot due to mismarks or other such errors, said Dawson County BOER Director Glenda Ferguson. Three provisional ballots were submitted in Dawson County. 

The absentee, military and provisional ballots will be processed prior to the elections board’s 5 p.m. meeting and vote certification Monday.

Dawson County-specific results are taken as percentages for votes cast toward each seat. Here are the results in Dawson County and across the state for the following races as of Nov. 11:

U.S. House District 6 

Statewide results

  • Rich McCormick (R): 62.25%

  • Bob Christian (D): 37.75%

Dawson County results

  • Rich McCormick (R): 85.54%

  • Bob Christian (D): 14.46%

U.S. Senator 

Statewide results

  • Raphael Warnock (D, incumbent): 49.42%

  • Herschel Junior Walker (R): 48.52%

Dawson County results

  • Herschel Junior Walker (R): 80.74%

  • Raphael Warnock (D, incumbent): 16.32%


Statewide results

  • Brian Kemp (R): 53.44%

  • Stacey Abrams (D): 45.85%

Dawson County results

  • Brian Kemp (R): 86.01%

  • Stacey Abrams (D): 12.99%

Secretary of State 

Statewide results

  • Brad Raffensperger (R, incumbent): 53.26%

  • Bee Nguyen (D): 43.96%

Dawson County results

  • Brad Raffensperger (R, incumbent): 82.6%

  • Bee Nguyen (D): 12.84%

Unopposed general election candidates

The following candidates for state offices formally clinched their seats after previously winning their respective Republican primaries in May:

  • Georgia House District 7: David Ralston 

  • Georgia House District 9: Will Wade 

  • Georgia Senate District 51: Steve Gooch 

The following candidates for Dawson County offices formally clinched their seats after previously winning their respective Republican primaries:

  • Dawson County Board of Commissioners District 1: Seth Stowers

  • Dawson County Board of Commissioners District 3: Alexa Bruce 

  • Dawson County Board of Education at large: Nathan Ingram 

  • Dawson County Board of Education District 3: Karen Armstrong