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Kilough Elementary School holds free book fair
Administrators at Kilough Elementary School say that the school's free book program is a great way to get kids enthused about reading at home. Photo submitted to the Dawson County News.

Kilough Elementary School recently hosted its free book fair, giving each student in the school three free books on their reading level to take home and enjoy. 

Title I Lead Teacher at Kilough Hillary Mullinax said that books were selected for students based on their individual interests and their reading levels after the first part of the school year. 

“Each teacher, both online and face to face, provided each student’s reading level to me at the end of the first nine weeks. These reading levels were used to order the books for our students,” Mullinax said. “We chose books that are both fiction and nonfiction to ensure that we have a wide variety of books for students to choose from. Students will cycle through the Title I Free Book Fair each day this week during a time that the books on their reading level are out to ensure they get books that they can enjoy.” 

According to Mullinax, the books are paid for through Title I funding, which is based on the number of students that receive free or reduced lunch from the school. The more children apply for and receive free or reduced lunches, the more funding the school receives to put toward the students. 

Mullinax said that the free book fair has been very well received by the parents and students in the school.

“Our families are ecstatic about it. The kids’ faces light up as soon as they see all the books they can choose from, and the fact that they don’t have to worry about paying for the books makes it even sweeter,” Mullinax said. “Our school truly values the partnership we have with our students and their families.” 

According to Mullinax, the free book fair has been as much of a blessing to the school as it has to the parents and students. 

“To be able to provide every Kilough student with free books is like Christmas coming early,” Mullinax said. “It has been a true blessing to see their faces light up with delight at the books they get to take home, and we hope that our students continue to enjoy their books with their families for years to come.”