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Delayed no more, Dawson County schools to put on musical ‘Junie B. Jones the Musical Jr.’
junie b jones play 3
Students from three Dawson County schools will be working together to put on the play. (photo courtesy of Jordan LeFevre)

From Feb. 5-7, students from three Dawson County schools will be putting on a production of “Junie B. Jones the Musical Jr.”  

junie b jones play 2
Students rehearse for the musical (photo courtesy of Jordan LeFevre)

The musical, which will be put on by the Little Tiger Theater Company, will feature third- through seventh-graders from Blacks Mill Elementary, Riverview Elementary and Dawson County Middle School. The storyline is based off 

According to the show’s co-directors, Jordan LeFevre and Becca Johnsen, this performance has been a long time in the making.  the Junie B. Jones books written by Barbara Park and follows a first-grader through her daily life and experiences. 

“We actually started this show back in December of 2019, so we were just a couple weeks away from our performance when everything shut down,” LeFevre said. “When we were opened back up this year to after-school activities and things like that, we had to recast about half of our kids cause they’d moved away or things like that and we had to totally restart the rehearsal process because we had to restart with a new cast.”  

Despite the delays, the students have persevered, and Johnsen said that finally getting to open the show over a year later is exciting for everyone involved.  

“These kids have been practicing this show for almost a year and a half with a long delay in the middle,” Johnsen said. “So it almost feels surreal still.”  

The play will be held in the Dawson County Performing Arts Center at 1665 Perimeter Road, a location which LeFevre says is well-suited for maintaining social distancing and other COVID-19 precautions. 

“Because we’re able to be in the performing arts auditorium, it’s a thousand-seat auditorium so we really can socially distance but we can hold a lot more people because we can spread them out easily,” LeFevre said. “We’ve sold several tickets, probably 250 pushing 300, but we’d love to sell a few more.” 

junie b jones play 1
The cast of "Junie B. Jones the Musical Jr.", which will be playing at the Dawson County Performing Arts Center from Feb. 5-7. (photo courtesy of Jordan LeFevre)

The musical will be on Feb. 5, 6 and 7 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be $5 each and can be purchased online at or through the Little Tiger Theater Company Facebook page at For any questions regarding the show or tickets, contact Jordan LeFevre at