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Decorated Chief Financial Officer Jamie Ulrich retiring from Dawson County Schools
Jamie Ulrich.png
Longtime Chief Financial Officer of Dawson County Schools, Jamie Ulrich, announced Tuesday morning that she will be retiring from the school system in March 2022. - photo by Photo submitted

Early next year, Dawson County Schools Chief Financial Officer Jamie Ulrich will officially retire after more than 20 years with the district, according to a release by the school system. 

“The Board of Education approved her intent to retire at the regular board meeting on June 15, 2021,” the release said. “Mrs. Ulrich will retire in March of 2022.”

Before joining the school system 21 years ago, Ulrich worked in the financial operations center for AT&T for 15 years. She was hired as Business Manager for the school system in December 2000 and worked hard to establish excellence in the system’s financial department, according to the release.

“Under her leadership, Dawson County Schools has earned multiple awards of distinction for excellent financial reporting at the state level,” the release said. 

Ulrich said that she is grateful for her time with the school system. 

“I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the many opportunities that I have been granted in serving the Dawson County School System for the past twenty-one years,” she said in the release. 

Over her career with Dawson County Schools, Ulrich said that she has seen the school system grow exponentially as more families have moved into the district. 

“When I came, there were two elementary schools and the old campus for the junior high was the middle school,” Ulrich said. “They demolished that and built back a new school and then they added Kilough after I started here, and the county just continues to grow and get to be bigger and bigger.” 

Superintendent Damon Gibbs said that he and other school administration have appreciated the hard work Ulrich has put in for the school system. 

“Mrs. Ulrich has been an asset to the school system,” Gibbs said in the release. “We wish her the best in her retirement.” 

Upon retiring, Ulrich said that she plans to make the most of her free time and relax. 

“I’m not gonna work on numbers, how about that,” Ulrich said. “My mom is 90 so I’ll be helping take care of her, and then just doing little trips and doing whatever I do whenever I wanna do it if I wanna do it.” 

She added that her main goal is to not waste her retirement and to make the most of and enjoy it.

“I wanna be able to still be active and just enjoy life and being retired,” Ulrich said. “There’s just too many people that work and retire and don’t get to enjoy that, so I want to just be able to enjoy it.” 

The district office will work towards finding a replacement for Ulrich and will make an official announcement to the public once the position has been filled and approved by the school board, according to the release. 

Ulrich said that she is confident that her 21 years building up the financial department in the system has helped to lay a solid foundation for someone new to step into the role. 

“During the time that I’ve been here we’ve had a lot of processes go electronic and gained a lot of efficiency toward that which is great; we’re miles ahead of a lot of the other school districts in the state of Georgia,” Ulrich said. “So I think that they are in a wonderful place, I certainly do.”