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DCHS College and Career Academy holds inaugural “Adulting Day”
DCHS students practice CPR during the high school’s “adulting day” on March 30. - photo by Erica Jones

On Wednesday March 30, Dawson County High School’s College and Career Academy held the first-ever “adulting day” event, allowing high school seniors to spend their day learning a variety of useful skills useful for transitioning from high school out into the adult world. 

DCHS students learn the basics of repairing drywall during the high school’s “adulting day” on March 30. - photo by Erica Jones

The day kicked off bright and early in the Performing Arts Center with a presentation from Dale Alexander, a local financial advisor who spoke to all of the seniors about finances, how much money to save and donate out of each paycheck and how to handle the money coming in from each paycheck. 

The students then split up into groups and traveled through several different stations covering different topics and skills that are useful to know in the adult world as they transition into college or into the workforce. 

The stations available for the students included: 

  • Parenting: different stations covering the basics of diaper changing, feeding, car seat installation, and other useful tips pertaining to being a parent

  • Legal issues: a presentation by local attorney Ronny Hulsey of Smith Hulsey Attorneys at Law, covering some of the legal issues that students should be aware of as they move past high school into adulthood, like the consequences of what making one choice to drink and drive could lead to

    ADULTING DAY 2.jpg
    DCHS students learn about and practice cooking omelets during the high school’s “adulting day” on March 30. - photo by Erica Jones

  • Culinary: basic kitchen safety practices and a chance for students to try their hands at cooking their own omelets 

  • Personal safety: a presentation by Christ Carpenter from the Dawson County Sheriff’s Department on keeping yourself aware and safe on campus, in an apartment or other places in the adult world 

  • Auto maintenance: lessons from Lanier Technical College students on how to change a car’s oil, jump a battery, change a flat tire, check fluids and other basic auto maintenance tasks 

  • Tool safety: lessons about how to use items like nail guns, hammers, screwdrivers and other tools

  • Health science: presentations and practice in first aid practices, including stopping bleeds, splitting, using an AED, CPR and using an Epipen 

    ADULTING DAY 4.jpg
    DCHS students learn about parenting during the high school’s “adulting day” on March 30. - photo by Erica Jones

  • Life hacks: demonstrations of fun and useful life hacks including how to make laundry pods out of dry detergent, laundry and dishwasher hacks and other tips and tricks 

  • Home maintenance: demonstrations on basic plumbing, drywall and electrical wiring repairs 

Out of the nine total stations available, each student was allowed to select four stations to attend and spent an hour at each one. According to DCHS Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator Kristy Moore, this allowed each student to personalize their day and to attend the skill classes they were most interested in. 

“They’re in each room for an hour and then they rotate to their next station; everybody has a lanyard with their schedule so they know where to go when,” Moore said. “We let the kids pick which stations they wanted to go to… we’re hoping if we do this again we’ll be able to have them go to more but for now we let them sign up for which ones they wanted to go to.” 

DCHS students learn about car maintenance during the high school’s “adulting day” on March 30. - photo by Erica Jones

In several of the stations, underclassmen volunteered to help teach the skills, including FCCLA students at the parenting station, HOSA students at the health science station and engineering students at the tool safety station. They were also given a “prize” to take home from each station, like a set of measuring cups at the culinary station and a first aid kit at the health science station. 

At the end of the day, all of the seniors were treated to a special cookout for lunch, with hamburgers, hotdogs and a time to spend time with one another.

Moore said that the goal of “adulting day” was for it to be a fun way for the seniors who are about to graduate to learn about the real world and some of the skills they may need along the way. 

“You know in high school you don’t have field day and all of that stuff, so we hoped it would be a day for our seniors to hang out with each other — they’re about to graduate and some of them won’t see each other again — so we thought it could be something where they could learn but also have fun and it could be something special for them,” Moore said. “I hope they all take something away from it, and at the end of the day it’ll be a fun day.” 

Moore added that she and the other College and Career Center administrators hope to make “adulting day” an annual event that can be repeated in future years.