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Dawson County Schools announces 96 percent graduation rate for 2021
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The Dawson County School System has received a 96 percent graduation rate for 2021 from the Georgia Department of Education, according to a recent release by the school system. 

Every year, the Georgia Department of Education releases graduation rates for each district in the state, indicating how many of the students succeeded in graduating from high school. Dawson County has received high rates over the past several years, with about a 96 percent average in the last six years. 

Achieving and maintaining such a high graduation rate is a huge accomplishment for the school system, according to Dawson County Schools Superintendent Damon Gibbs.

“We are very proud of our graduation rate for 2021 and the 96 percent average rate we have maintained over the past six years,” Gibbs said. “It shows an unwavering commitment that, year in and year out, our staff is laser focused on meeting students where they are and walking side by side with them across the finish line.” 

Gibbs said the success is due to the continuous hard work on the part of the system’s teachers, administrators, support staff, board and students. 

“Districts from across our state are making improvements in this area but very few have been able to sustain this level of success,” Gibbs said. “This success takes years to cultivate and our entire 1Dawson team should be recognized as playing a vital role.”