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Virginia man accused of stealing over $60,000 from Dawson woman

One man from another state was recently booked into the Dawson County Detention Center in connection with a case from over two years ago. 

Samal Kumar Dimdung, 41, of Herndon, Virginia, was arrested by the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 3, 2022, on one felony charge of exploiting, threatening or intimidating a disabled or elderly person.

A DCSO warrant from January 2021 alleged that between Aug. 13, 2018 and Feb. 11, 2019, Dimdung contacted the victim, a Dawsonville resident over 65 years old, and convinced the person that their bank account had been hacked. 

He allegedly represented himself as offering services from a company called “Encore Connect” to help the person. 

Over the course of two occasions, Dimdung allegedly asked the victim to wire him an amount totaling over $60,000 to another account for safekeeping. The warrant states that he then transferred the funds into his Bank of America account as a business investment.

A grand jury indicted Dimdung on the exploiting an elder charge in March 2021. At the end of that month, DCSO issued an order for his arrest. 

Later that spring, Dimdung was stopped at Virginia’s Dulles International Airport and arrested while trying to travel to Nepal to see family, according to a motion for bond on Jan. 3, 2022. 

He was taken into custody in Virginia and brought before a Loudoun District Court judge to address possible extradition to Georgia for the pending charges. 

The judge granted Dimdung a $10,000 signature bond so he could come to Georgia to address the accusations against him without interstate extradition measures having to be implemented. Emails between his counsel and the prosecution confirmed those plans. 

In a motion for bond in Dawson County, Dimdung’s attorney argued that his client has strong ties to Virginia, such as supporting his family by working in the IT field and renting out three properties in the state. 

The Loudoun District Court has also taken Dimdung's passport. 

After the motion was submitted, Superior Court Judge Clint Bearden granted a $15,000 bail for Dimdung. The defendant’s total bond has been listed at $16,700.

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