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Second person now booked in Dawson County after foursome allegedly tried to buy vehicles with elderly victims’ banking details

A California man is now behind bars in Dawson County after an alleged scheme with three others to fraudulently buy vehicles went awry. 

Bradley Scott Wismar, 37, of Modesto was booked into the Dawson County Detention Center on Oct. 12. 

Wismar is one of four people accused of trying to fraudulently obtain vehicles using an elderly Dawson County couple’s financial information. 

In September, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office apprehended Jazmine Ranae Wheeler, 28, of Sacramento, for her alleged role in the scheme. 

Wheeler arrest

The other two suspects, who are also from California, have been apprehended and are in the process of being transported back to Georgia, Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson told DCN in a Sept. 22 email.  

As of Oct. 19, Wismar and Wheeler are both being held at the jail without bond, although bond has been requested for Wheeler. 

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In June, grand jurors in Dawson County indicted Wheeler, Brandon Phillip Raible, Austin William Reid and Bradley Scott Wismar on various charges relating to the allegations, according to Dawson County Superior Court documents. 

Arrest orders were issued for each of the defendants back in July.

The indictment states Wismar allegedly tried to use that checking number to obtain a 2020 Toyota Tacoma and also stole more than $25,000 from one of the victims on Feb. 13. 

Raible is accused of trying to use one of the victims’ checking account number to buy a BMW X-5 SUV on Feb. 6, 2022, the indictment stated. He has also been accused of obtaining one of the victims’ banking account number and statement on Feb. 23 with the intent to use that information fraudulently. 

Additionally, Raible and Reid were both accused in the indictment of attempting to use that same information in order to purchase a motorcycle on Feb. 17. 

Wheeler allegedly used a victim’s checking information on Feb. 12 to supposedly write a counterfeit check of $35,096.57 to CarMax for a 2017 Mercedes C300 sedan, according to the indictment and her DCSO warrants. 


Wismar has been charged with one count each of identity fraud, theft by taking and exploiting an elderly person. 

Wheeler received one felony count each of identity fraud, criminal attempt to commit theft by taking and exploiting, threatening or intimidating a disabled or elderly person. She is still being held at the Dawson County jail without bond. 

DCSO charged Raible with three counts of identity fraud and Reid with one count of that offense. 

In his previous email to DCN, Sheriff Johnson explained that fraud cases are “unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent.”

“Although locally, we do not experience many cases where multiple suspects use the same illegally-obtained information, it is not a rare occurrence,” Johnson said. 

“Whenever online personal information is compromised, there are those who are lying in wait to take advantage of others. We urge our community to take the necessary steps to guard their information, as well as continually monitoring it for any signs of fraudulent activity.”