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Motion for gag order filed in Daniel Lee Roberts case
Daniel Lee Roberts

A motion for a gag order has been filed in the Daniel Lee Roberts case, asking for both the state and the defense to refrain from talking about the case until it goes to trial. 

20-year-old Roberts is accused of fatally injuring 19-year-old Kaleb Duckworth during a fight at the Dawson County Applebee’s restaurant in July. He is being charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and two counts of murder and is currently being held in the Dawson County Detention Center without bond as he awaits his trial. 

According to the official motion, which the Dawson County News obtained from the Dawson County Clerk of Courts, the motion was filed on Aug. 27 and has not yet gone to court to be approved or denied. If the motion is passed, both the state and the defense will be placed under a gag order and not be allowed to discuss any details having to do with the case. 

“The Defendant requests that during the pendency of this case and until final determination in the trial court, the prosecution, the Defendant, counsel for the Defendant, potential witnesses, expert and other, investigators, court personnel, law enforcement agents, members of the medical examiner’s officer, and family members of the Defendant and the victims, shall not make, release, or authorize the release of any extra-judicial statements for dissemination by any means of public communication, relating to any matters having to do with this case,” the motion said. 

According to the motion, the reason for the proposed gag order is to avoid influencing potential jurors for the case against Roberts.

“Defendant would assert that a ‘gag’ order is appropriate in this case because of the inordinate amount of publicity that has been given including but not limited to television, newspaper, non-stop social media posts, as well as a billboard placed on Georgia Highway 400 stating ‘#justiceforkalebduck’,” the motion said. “The clear purpose of this billboard is to influence the potential jurors in the Defendant’s two pending cases.” 

The motion says that, if the gag order is passed, both the state and the defense will no longer discuss the case until after it has gone to trial, and that the billboard will be covered within five days. 

The hearing for the gag order will be on Tuesday, Sept. 14. Both the defense attorney in the case and the family of Kaleb Duckworth did not have a comment at the time of this article being written.