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Local woman’s chemotherapy medication stolen from mailbox

On May 10, a mail carrier dropped off the chemotherapy medication for Heather Link, a 35-year-old Dawsonville woman going through treatment for leukemia for the second time.

However, by the time someone came out to grab the medication left in the mailbox, the package was gone. All the mail carrier could do was reference the picture he took of the package, where it is clearly hanging halfway out of the mailbox.

When Link’s father, Ron, called to file a complaint with the delivery service about the neglect the package had been given, officials told him that this has been a huge problem with mail carriers.

“It’s happening with a lot of the curriers they use,” Link said in a phone interview. “They’re putting packages in mailboxes, which is strictly for the postal service. They shouldn’t use mailboxes. Don’t let them be sloppy with their deliveries.”

Link said that neighbors told him there was a suspicious black truck hanging around mailboxes but that is the only lead in finding the thief, if any. Link filed a police report and talked to the sheriff directly.

Heather is a certified medical assistant and nurse’s assistant. During her first battle with leukemia, the pain had gotten so bad where she could not move elderly patients anymore. However, Link said that his daughter has refused to let leukemia define her.

“Clumps of her hair started falling out and she went straight to her salon to get a buzz cut,” Link said. “She has always had the ‘This is me, this is who I am’ mindset.”

The company that mails Link’s medication has already sent a new shipment that will arrive sometime Friday, June 4, but Link said he wants this to be a warning for everyone to keep their eyes out for anyone stealing mail.

“See something, say something,” Link said. “We’ve had mail delivered where half the mail is on the ground. Most people don’t want to be confrontational but call the post office or call whoever ships packages to your house when they make a poor delivery. It will improve the problem.”

If anyone knows anything about the missing medication and would like to come forward, please call the Dawson County News staff at (706) 265-3384.