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Gainesville teen charged in Dawson County with three felonies
Jose David Yanez

One 17-year-old now faces a trio of felony charges after Dawson County Sheriff’s Office deputies apprehended him last week.

Jose David Yanez of Gainesville was arrested by DSCO on Sept. 29 at about 1 p.m. He was charged with possessing marijuana and a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, as well as possession of a firearm/knife during commission of a crime. 

The sheriff’s office initiated a drug investigation on Aug. 27, a month before Yanez’s arrest. Warrants for the charges allege that Yanez committed the acts at the intersection of Ga. 53 and Dawson Forest Road on Sept. 27 between 1:42-4:25 p.m.

Upon a search of his car on Sept. 29, officers found nine new unopened THC cartridges, a schedule 1 substance, in the vehicle’s trunk. 

Also found was 6.5 ounces of marijuana, an amount that the corresponding warrant noted was “more than what is common for personal consumption.” There were also plastic baggies with the drug but no apparent device for consumption. 

During the search, Yanez allegedly had a gold-colored 1911 handgun within reach, inside his car’s center console. 

Yanez’s bond amount is listed as $11,200. However, all charges list the bond type as “NO BOND.”

DCN will update this story as we learn more information.