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Dawsonville woman booked for loitering outside of old Wendy’s
Kristian Ann Cates mugshot.

One woman recently found herself behind bars after law enforcement spotted her where she wasn’t supposed to be.

Dawson County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Kristina Ann Cates, 47, of Dawsonville on Oct. 15 after she was seen outside the premises of the old Wendy’s, located at 117 Big Horn Drive.

Cates was charged with loitering or prowling, an offense for which she was granted unsecured judicial release. 

Officers found Cates on the premises just after 5 p.m. on Oct. 15. She had been previously told to leave the area, according to the warrant for her arrest. 

This building is closed and not in use, as the current Wendy’s is about two miles south, off of Marketplace Boulevard. 

Cates has previously been arrested and charged with trespassing at gas stations and supermarkets along Ga. 400.