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Dawsonville man once more booked for domestic, obstruction charges
Anthony Michael Hopeck

About two weeks after being released from jail on probation, one local man found himself on the wrong side of local law enforcement again.

Anthony Michael Hopeck, 22, of Dawsonville was arrested and charged with multiple offences relating to a domestic disturbance call on Sept. 13. 

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office charged Hopeck with simple battery-family violence, three counts of obstruction of an officer, criminal trespass and the felony probation violation.

DCSO 1 Lt. Jessica Kraft responded to Hopeck’s residence on Northfield Circle at about 4:09 p.m. on Sept. 13, according to her arrest report. 

The weapons Hopeck allegedly used were listed as “personal-hands and feet” under the simple battery-family violence charge. 

Another DSCO deputy, Vic Gazaway, responded to the scene to assist Kraft. One of the obstruction counts on the report indicates that Hopeck allegedly used his hands and feet to resist the two deputies. 

Roughly an hour after Kraft’s arrival, Hopeck was arrested, and an hour later, he was booked. 

One of Hopeck’s previous encounters with DCSO happened on May 17, 2021, according to an incident report from that day and multiple warrants. 

K9 Sgt. Zach Smith initiated a traffic stop of Hopeck mid-afternoon that day and requested for deputy Ryan Provost’s assistance. Hopeck was suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Then, Hopeck was taken to NCPG Urgent Care in Dawsonville for a blood draw. One of the warrants alleges that between 5:30 and 6 p.m., he was asked to stand after the procedure so he could be handcuffed. Instead, he refused, choosing to attempt hitting Provost and Smith with a closed fist. Officers had to physically restrain him.

The second warrant states that during that same time period, Hopeck allegedly yelled profanities “in a loud and boisterous manner causing [the] business to evacuate the lobby containing juveniles.”

A third warrant elaborates after his restraint, Smith was escorting Hopeck out of the medical office when Hopeck attempted to pull away and headbutt the deputy in the face. Hopeck had to again be restrained and stopped from hitting Smith. At that point, he was arrested, according to the May 17 report. 

Smith, Provost and three other officers responded at different points to help contain Hopeck, who was subsequently charged with two counts of felony obstruction and one count of disorderly conduct and DUI-alcohol. 

This arrest violated Hopeck’s probation terms from Feb. 2021. On Feb. 19, he plead guilty to battery-family violence. He was fined $300 and sentenced to 12 months, with the first 30 to be served in confinement and the rest on probation. 

For the May 17 offenses, Hopeck plead guilty to two counts of felony obstruction and two counts of DUI. He was sentenced to five years of probation, with the first 90 days to be served in confinement. Upon agreeing to pay the bonding company $8,200, he was released on probation as of Aug. 12. 

When Hopeck was arrested and booked on Sept. 13, his bond was set at $9,000 for the obstruction, simple battery and criminal trespass charges. However, the probation violation lists “NO BOND” for the bond type.