Outback can now put these kinds of signs at its Dawson County location after Planning Commission's vote
An incoming Australian-themed restaurant has now cleared the next step in the process to establish a Dawson County location.
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Arrest Reports: June 21
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The following individuals were arrested in Dawson County between June 14 and June 21, 2021. 

June 14 

Raul Castillo, 33, Norman Park, Ga.: Possession of a controlled substance, drug-related objects. 

Israel Duenas-Juarez, 26, Gainesville: Probation violation. 

Elizabeth Helen Honea, 52, Dawsonville: Battery family violence. 

Jackson Grainger Mize, 19, Dahlonega: Theft by shoplifting. 

Samuel Pelletier, 23, Canton, Ga.: Serving county sentence. 

Raymond Milton Scott II, 58, Dahlonega: Serving county sentence.

June 15

Jonathan Lamar Brumbelow, 29, Dawsonville: Probation violation. 

Jeremy Wayne Lawson, 33, Gainesville: Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, drug-related objects, speeding, DUI alcohol and drugs, failure to maintain lane, no material obstruct driver’s vision. 

Leslie Denise Paxton, 41, Dawsonville: Driving while license suspended or revoked. 

June 16

Joseph Andrew Chastain, 38, Dawsonville: Obstruction of officer, simple assault family violence, criminal trespass family violence. 

Michael Dwight Gilbert, 25, Dawsonville: Failure to comply. 

Ashley Lance Givens, 19, Dacula, Ga.: Terroristic threats. 

Shawn Edward Jacobs, 50, Gainesville: Theft by shoplifting. 

John Kevin Purcell, 36, Dawsonville: Failure to comply. 

Aman Tamang, 21, Clarkston, Ga.: Open container violation, DUI alcohol and drugs, failure to maintain lane. 

Bryant Willis Taylor, 25, Dawsonville: Charges pending. 

Timothy Michael Wise, 31, Dawsonville: Failure to comply. 

June 17

Leslie Miranda Barnett, 28, Dawsonville: Failure to comply. 

Mandy Danielle Brown, 23, Dawsonville: Hold for other agency. 

Cory Charles Collins, 33, Blairsville, Ga.: Hold for other agency. 

Kristin Lynn Mathis, 28, Dawsonville: Probation violation. 

Ernest Lerosen Morris, 26, Buford: Public indecency. 

Justin Steven Stanfield, 37, Dawsonville: DUI alcohol, failure to maintain lane. 

Jorge Tambriz Arauz, 45, Dawsonville: Driving while license expired, no proof of insurance. 

Jimmy Keith Wilkins, 61, Dawsonville: Obstruction of officer, home invasion second degree, interference with a 911 call, simple battery family violence. 

June 18

Robert Tyrone Dinsmore, 56, Dawsonville: Bench warrant, failure to appear in court. 

Lemar Quennel Redditt III, 32, Stone Mountain, Ga.: Serving county sentence. 

June 19

Isael Castro, 37, Dahlonega: Driving without license, holding or supporting wireless telecommunications device. 

Jessica Kathryn Falk, 23, Dahlonega: Obstruction of officer, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no registration, Georgia license within 30 days, no proof of insurance, speeding 20 mph over, holding or supporting wireless telecommunication device, DUI drugs, DUI endangering child under 14. 

Brad Steven Neisler, 35, Cumming: DUI alcohol, headlight requirement. 

Casey Daniel Riggs, 24, Dawsonville: Expired tag, driving while license suspended or revoked, DUI alcohol. 

Ethan William Watts, 29, Dawsonville: Possession of a controlled substance, no registration, driving without license, no proof of insurance, improper lane change, too fast for conditions, speeding, open container violation, reckless driving, DUI drugs, fleeing or eluding police officer, failure to maintain lane. 

June 20

Aaron Fierros-Pedraza, 31, Dawsonville: Driving without license. 

Ralph Daniel Hansard, 49, Cumming: Charges pending. 

James Ryan Howe, 44, Dawsonville: Battery family violence, cruelty to children third degree. 

Lerdlarp Jaturapol, 28, Atlanta: DUI alcohol. 

Jeffrey William Puckett, 34, Dawsonville: Charges pending. 

Steven Bryan Wall, 46, Dawsonville: Hold for other agency. 

June 21

Joseph Laray Anderson, 34: Charges pending. 

Lillie C Pruitt-Akins: Charges pending. 

Sharon Lynne Tinsley, 50, Gainesville: Driving while license suspended or revoked, speeding.