Dawson County man charged in 2021 fatal Applebee’s fight case avoids trial
The Dawson County defendant’s trial would have otherwise started on June 5.
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Animals are recovering after December rescue
Animals update 1.jpg
Some of the rabbits rescued from Dawson County are recovering from malnutrition.

Multiple organizations have stepped up to help care for 133 animals that were rescued from a Dawsonville home in December. The investigation into the animal cruelty case is ongoing.  

A rabbit-specific rescue nonprofit has taken in the rabbits, according to a source there who requested anonymity given the ongoing investigation. 

After multiple of those rabbits gave birth, 26 became 43 with the addition of 17 newborns. 

Animals update 1.jpg
A shelter worker holds seven sleeping newborn rabbits.

The adult rabbits are dealing with health issues including pregnancies, upper respiratory infections, syphilis, mites, various injuries, abscesses, coccidia, emaciation, dehydration, urine scald, salmonella and fungal infections. Two rabbits have tooth root abscesses, and one has E. Cuniculi, a parasite. 

All of the rabbits are safe, medicated, happy and recovering now, the rescue source said. 

The dozens of ducks and chickens were taken to another area rescue. At this point, the Dawson County Humane Society is caring for 15-16 doves and 20 dogs, half of which are puppies, director Jason Hutcherson said. 

He added that they’re talking with another rescue who’s interested in taking some of the dogs.