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“A whole lotta warrants”: All of January car break-in suspects identified
Dawson County Detention Center

“They thought they had gotten away with four cars and some stolen items, but what they actually got was a whole lotta warrants,” read a May 3 Facebook post from the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office.

In April, Investigator Kirby and DCSO identified and placed warrants on the fifth and final suspect of the alleged entering autos crimes that occurred during a January snowstorm.

They have taken out 248 warrants on the three adult males alone, in addition to juvenile complaints on the two juveniles, the post said.  

Sheriff Johnson wrote in a follow-up email that the charges listed on those adult warrants include entering auto for every vehicle broken into, felony and misdemeanor thefts by taking, criminal attempt to entering auto “for every vehicle that was attempted to be entering but was locked” and criminal trespass “for every residence that the suspects entering vehicles or attempted to enter vehicles.” 

The three adults received different, specific charges for either possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, financial transaction card fraud and theft for victims’ cards that were stolen and used, identity fraud and party to a crime, Johnson said.

All four stolen vehicles and much of owners’ pillaged property have been recovered after dozens of car break-ins on Jan. 17. 

Both juvenile suspects have been taken into custody and transported to the Regional Youth Detention Center.

“At least one adult is in custody in another jurisdiction and we are awaiting for him to be transferred to Dawson County,” Johnson added. 

“If you’re planning on committing a crime, Dawson County is not the place you want to come to,” stated the May 3 DCSO post. “We appreciate all the hard work of our deputies and investigators on this case. Great job, Investigator Kirby.”

“This case is a testament to the success of agencies working together to share information and solve crimes,” Johnson added. “We deeply appreciate our community and the wealth of information they provided in these cases. We are extremely proud of all of our law enforcement partners. Working together, we are making a difference.”