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Elemental: Local family brings natural medicine, holistic healing to Dawsonville
Local woman Nicole Bowen-Wiley and her husband Barry Wiley have recently opened up Elemental Rocks and Herbs in Dawsonville. - photo by Erica Jones

Nicole Bowen-Wiley first started learning about natural medicine, herbs and teas when she was looking for a way to help ease her father’s pain from neuropathy in his legs and her grandfather’s pain in his knees. 

Elemental 2
Elemental Rocks and Herbs offers an array of natural medicine and holistic healing items. - photo by Erica Jones

As she learned more about natural healing and pain relief, she became more and more invested in and knowledgeable about the topic. Now, she and her family have opened a retail store, Elemental Rocks and Herbs, which offers natural healing to the Dawson County community. 

According to Bowen-Wiley, she made and sold her custom-blended herbal teas, tinctures and other items out of her home and online before opening a storefront. She and her husband had been looking for almost a year for a place to set up shop before they found the new home for their business right off of the Dawsonville square. 

“We’d been looking for over a year for someplace to move into,” Bowen-Wiley said. “So when this became available that’s when we went to work and he did all the build-out and here we are.” 

Her husband, Barry Wiley, added woodwork throughout the store, and the couple repainted the walls and fixed the floors and ceiling to make the space truly their own. 

Elemental Rocks and Herbs officially opened in November 2020, with Bowen-Wiley, her husband and her four children all pitching in to help run the business.

In addition to herbal teas and tinctures, Bowen-Wiley sells skincare products, pain relief products, scrubs, oils, facial products, bath teas, bath bombs, handmade soap, local honey and crystals, many of which she and her husband mine themselves. 

Elemental 3
Through her homemade teas, tinctures and other remedies she sells at Elemental Rocks and Herbs, Bowen-Wiley hopes to share her love and knowledge of natural medicine with the Dawson County community. - photo by Erica Jones

“My husband and I mine some of this stuff and if not we get it from reliable sources so it’s natural and not man-made,” Bowen-Wiley said. 

For the items she doesn’t make personally, Bowen-Wiley said it’s important that she buys her wares from reliable sources, and local ones if possible. She also partners with several other local artisans who sell their items at her store.

“I try to work with local businesses,” Bowen-Wiley said. “I also have local artisans that make t-shirts or crocheted items to try to bring more variety.” 

The biggest draw to the items sold at Elemental, according to Bowen-Wiley, is that everything is natural and free of potentially harmful ingredients. 

“We don’t use preservatives or parabens,” Bowen-Wiley said. “It’s all plant-based so it’s all-natural.” 

Through her store, Bowen-Wiley hopes to help customers learn more about the natural medicines she sells. If a customer comes in complaining of an ache or pain, she said she always tries to help them choose the right remedy. 

“I had a family come in last night and he said ‘I have inflammation and this and that’,” Bowen-Wiley said. “So I said ‘here, take this tea, this tea and this tincture’.” 

Moving forward, they hope to expand the business and begin offering classes to teach the community more about natural medicine. 

“We’re gonna start having classes about teaching people how to ferment kombucha or kefir yogurt, have essential oil classes, and hopefully get a few people in here for yoga classes,” she said. 

For more information about Elemental Rocks and Herbs and the natural medicine it offers, visit the storefront location at 16 Bernard Long Street Suite 100 in Dawsonville. Find them online by visiting or via the store’s Facebook page at