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Dawsonville City Council appoints Cindy Elliott as Georgia Racing Hall of Fame director
Georgia Racing Hall of Fame

Cindy Elliott has officially been appointed by the Dawsonville City Council as the new director at the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame.

In a unanimous vote at the council’s Feb. 1 meeting, council members approved the hiring of Elliott as an independent contractor to fill the job position. According to city officials, Elliott has been working alongside the other volunteers, especially recently with the official reopening of the Racing Hall of Fame at the beginning of February. Because of this, City Manager Bob Bolz told council members at the meeting that Elliott would be a great fit for the position. 

“It is amazing what she and the volunteers have done in just a very very short time,” Bolz said. “I think she has the eye and the interest and the passion and the knowledge to really provide some continuity and give some help to the volunteers — she has done and continues to do a great job.” 

Elliott will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the museum, coordinating museum staff and volunteers, planning and promoting events, developing and managing marketing efforts, managing the website and managing grants from and to the museum. 

In an interview with the Dawson County News, Elliott said that she is settling into her new position, and that once she gets everything organized she hopes to start reaching more people in the community, both as museum visitors and as museum volunteers.

“At this point, we just really want to get it organized and try to hopefully create some interest among the local community and have more people volunteer because they don’t really have a whole lot of volunteers over here now,” Elliott said. “So that’s really what we’re working on over here is just getting a good group of volunteers together.” 

Elliott said that overall she is looking forward to doing all she can to expand the museum’s reach, and that she is thankful to the city council for appointing her as the director. 

“We’re just trying to see what needs to be done and figure that out at this point; it’s a newly appointed position so it didn’t really come with a handbook,” Elliott said. “But it’s really nice, I’m looking forward to the opportunity for sure.”