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Dawson County Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cutting for GI North
GI North Dawson
On Tuesday Nov. 29, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for GI North. - photo by Erica Jones

On Tuesday Nov. 29, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for GI North, located at 200 Dawson Commons Circle Suite 230.

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GI North is a practice that specializes in treating diseases of the digestive system and focusing on delivering personalized care for better health. The practice utilizes the latest diagnostic technology for colonoscopies, upper endoscopies and other colon cancer screening procedures, and doctors and staff in the practice are dedicated to patient-focused care to make every patient as comfortable as possible. 

The practice has offices in Dawson, Cumming and Alpharetta, as well as an endoscopy center in Cumming. According to Chief Operating Officer Jason W. Miller, having the endoscopy center allows the practice to make procedures easier on patients than it would be if they had to go to a hospital. 

“Our endoscopy center in Cumming is a three-room endoscopy center, so we’re able to accommodate patients there versus a hospital experience for them,” Miller said, “so it’s typically a lot lower cost for the patient, much more efficient than the hospital setting and a lot quicker room turnover.” 

Miller said that expanding into Dawson is an exciting step forward for the practice. 

“We’re expanding our footprint so we’re very excited to make our way to Dawson County and Dawsonville,” Miller said. "A lot of patients already were traveling from this area and north to Cumming so we’re really pleased to be able to be here and offer our great service here. We’re really excited to be here.” 

Before cutting the ribbon, Dawson County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mandy Power welcomed Miller and all of the office staff to the county, expressing her excitement for having the practice now open in its Dawson location. 

“We’re so excited about the services that you’re able to provide our citizens here in Dawson County and super excited that y’all are here,” Power said. 

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