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Dawson County Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cutting for Destiny Mortgage Lending
On June 2, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Destiny Mortgage Lending in downtown Dawsonville. - photo by Erica Jones

On Thursday June 2, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held an official ribbon cutting for Destiny Mortgage Lending, located at 436 Academy Avenue in Dawsonville. 

Destiny Mortgage Lending offers several mortgage options, fast customized quotes and great rates. Melanie Walburg has owned and operated the company for 17 years and was working out of her home, but said that in 2020 she realized that she needed to expand with an office space and an extended staff. 

“I had 265 closings in 2020 and I was working out of my house doing it all on my own and couldn’t do it anymore,” Walburg said. “So I hired some people — the best people in the world — and we’re just really happy to be here.” 

Prior to cutting the ribbon, Dawson County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mandy Power welcomed Walburg and her staff to the community and to the chamber. 

“This is truly what the Dawson County Chamber is all about; we’ve had several small businesses that we’ve cut ribbons on in the last week and this is just an additional small business that we’re so excited to have,” Power said. “Mortgage is a necessity that we all have to have, so we’re very happy that you’re here.” 

Board Chair Shannon Voss added to Power’s comments, telling Walburg how excited she is to have Destiny Mortgage Lending as a new part of the chamber. 

“I just wanna say welcome to the chamber; I know that you’ll have so many new friends and new people that you can meet and greet with and we’re just so happy to have you,” Voss said. 

Walburg said that her business is built on great customer service, and that responding quickly to her clients and helping them in any way possible is a cornerstone of Destiny Mortgage Lending. 

“If you need a qualification letter on a Sunday afternoon, I will do it,” Walburg said. “When I see an email I respond and send it right back out.” 

Power, who had a career in banking prior to stepping into the role of president and CEO for the chamber, reiterated how important responding to clients quickly and effectively is when it comes to a mortgage or a loan. 

“I can say coming from the banking business for 17 years and dealing with mortgages and all that type of thing, that is a huge deal,” Power said. “Having such a small community — with such a small town feel but such a big, vast business community — relationship is key. In a lot of other communities these days it’s not the same, so you fit right in here with us and I just know that you’re going to have a very long tenure here in Dawson County so we’re very excited.” 

Destiny Mortgage Lending is located 436 Academy Avenue in downtown Dawsonville. For more information about the company and its services, go to or call 706-265-2203.