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Dawson County Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cutting for CitruSolution Environmental
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On Wednesday Nov. 30, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for CitruSolution Environmental. - photo by Erica Jones

On Wednesday Nov. 30, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for CitruSolution Environmental. 

CitruSolution Environmental offers demolition free mold remediation and effective treatment for mold, viruses, pathogens, germs and odors. According to owner-operator Mike Flowers, his business aims to help control the quality of the air in a customer’s home without having to turn to demolition. 

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Mike Flowers speaks to ribbon cutting attendees during CitruSolution’s ribbon cutting on Nov. 30. - photo by Erica Jones

“We don’t do demolition like a lot of old companies; that gets very expensive and that’s not always necessary; the dry fog system we use is a new technology so we don’t have to do the demo and get into a high cost for getting rid of the mold spores in your home,” Flowers said. 

Everything he does, he said, is based on testing to make sure he and his customers both know exactly what the problem is and how to treat it. 

“This is the biggest thing people don’t understand about having mold: a lot of times it’s not visible, it’s in your HVAC system or in your attic or your crawlspace mixed up in your air and your home and a lot of people get sickness because of it,” Flowers said. “We do a testing, we don’t use guesswork, we send it off to the laboratory and they analyze it to determine if you need mold remediation.” 

And his business can treat more than just mold, he added. 

“My business is based on mold remediation but I do air quality control so if you have any type of air contamination, it doesn’t have to be mold, I can remedy that with a dry fog system that we use,” Flowers said. 

Flowers has lived in Dawson County for over 30 years and raised his three sons, one of whom is now his head technician, in the county. He said that, in the end, his goal is to help protect the health and wellbeing of his customers by treating their air and removing dangers from it. 

“You gotta treat your air; it’s just as important as the water you drink or the food you eat,” Flowers said. “It’s part of your health — if you got lousy air in your home you’re gonna have some sicknesses and you’re gonna have issues so I’m here to take care of it.”

To learn more about CitruSolution Environmental, go to or call 404-312-5123.