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Dawson Spaces: Take a ride through the Fausett Farms horseback trails
At Fausett Farms in Dawson County, people of all ages can ride, hike or stroll through the miles of hills and scenic pastures, taking in the natural beauty that makes Dawson County great. - photo by Cole Carter

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If you have ever driven along Hwy. 183 in Dawson County, you have most likely driven past Fausett Farms. 

Known around the state for their beautiful sunflowers, in 2013 Fausett Farm owners Danny Fausett and his family added two hand cut, ten-mile horseback riding trails to their property and almost immediately saw local interest in the trails skyrocket. 

Both trails sit on nearly a 1,000-acre plot of land in Dawson County, offering landscapes shaded by under beautiful trees for riders to take in the mountain air and get some peace. 

Many surprises are found along the trails. Just a few miles up one loop, riders will find a body of water with flat grassland along the side of it. Fausett said that a lot of riders will camp next to the water and enjoy the silence of nature all night. 

If a rider decides they want to camp, Fausett has a fenced area of greenery just a few hundred yards away from the grassy area for horses to roam around and sleep in at night.

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Danny Fausett, who owns and operates Fausett Farms in Dawson County with his family, has created a series of horseback riding trails on the farm property, offering stunning views and quiet contemplation. - photo by Cole Carter

If a rider decides they want to camp, Fausett has a fenced area of greenery just a few hundred yards away from the grassy area for horses to roam around and sleep in at night. 

After rounding the small lake, riders will go up steep hills before reaching an opening where multiple North Georgia mountains can be seen. From that view, Fausett Lake and part of the river can be seen as well. One of the trail loops will take you alongside the river and one will take you back down the mountain. 

Headed back down the trail, you may even see bigfoot, Danny Fausett said.

Fausett said that his son had thrown away a sheet of iron that had been cut to look like bigfoot that they had used for target practice, and when Fausett found it he knew where they should put it. 

“I pulled that right out of the trash and brought it up to the horse trail and hid it,” Fausett said. “Maybe we’ll scare a couple of people and then have them laughing about it with their friends.”


That is the kind of fun energy that Fausett provides to Fausett Farms, he said. 

“I want to be coming to work laughing and having a fun time every day,” Fausett said. “Just don’t feel like it would be worth it if I didn’t.” 

The second half of the trail is much more strenuous than the other side. Fausett said that he based it's design off of horseback riding experiences with friends in Wyoming. 

Fausett said that a lot of people will come to ride this trail to get their horses in shape for an upcoming riding season. 

The Fausett family land was first established in 1858, one year before Dawsonville was even established as an official city in Georgia. Fausett’s grandson will be the sixth-generation of a Fausett male at Fausett Farms.

Places like Fausett Lake and Fausett Family Road are now named for the historic Dawsonville family.


Fausett gets to ride about once a month. His horse Smokes, a 15-year-old smaller stature breed that allows Fausett to ride without the struggle of getting Smokes saddled.

Bringing others joy is the entire point of everything they do at Fausett Farms. From hosting weddings, to letting amateur photographers come practice their skills at a discounted price, Fausett said that sharing their land is the best thing that the family can do for their community.  

“I see people come here,” Fausett said. “They enjoy it and they thank us for doing it. We like to share what we have because a lot of people don’t have another place to go.”

With all the rich history behind Fausett Farms, the sunflower farm and the horseback trails, plus the sixth-generation Fausett currently in training to take over, Fausett Farms should be a staple in Dawson County for 170 more years.