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Why Corps of Engineers is looking to allow guns at projects, including Lake Lanier
Lake Lanier
Lake Lanier as seen from the air in July 2017. - photo by Nick Bowman

People would be able to bring guns and ammunition to Lake Lanier and other Army Corps of Engineers projects without getting prior written permission, according to a proposed rule change.

Gun proposal

Comments on the proposed Army Corps of Engineers change may be submitted in one of these ways:

  • Online: The docket number is COE-2018-0008, with instructions provided on the portal.

  • E-mail: Include the docket number, COE-2018-0008, in the subject line of the message.

  • Mail: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Attn: CECW-CO-N, Steve Austin, 3F68, 441 G Street NW, Washington, DC 20314-1000

The proposed revision “will align (Corps) regulations with those of other federal land management agencies and will more appropriately reflect the requirements of current state and local laws authorizing the possession of firearms by individuals,” the Corps said in a news release.

Officials go on to say that since the last amendment of the regulation in 2000, “many states have passed laws or amended existing laws to provide for the carrying of firearms by private individuals, in particular for self-defense purposes.”

“In addition, the firearm regulations of other federal land management agencies have been amended in recent years to make them more consistent with the law of the state in which the federal lands are located.”

Current rules ban firearms unless they are “being used for hunting, at authorized shooting ranges or if written permission has been received from the district commander,” the Corp says.

The corps, which manages more than 400 lake and river projects in 43 states, is accepting comments on the change until June 12.