Missing person alert issued for this Forsyth County man
BOLO: This motorcyclist hasn't been seen since he was on his way back to Forsyth County on Saturday.
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Vape devices, electronic cigarettes banned on county property
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Vape devices and electronic cigarettes are now banned on county government property following last week's decision by the board of commissioners to modify Dawson County's smoking ordinance.

According to the revised ordinance, no person shall smoke tobacco products or use electronic cigarettes or vape products on property owned, leased or operated by Dawson County.

The ordinance includes park and recreational facilities, where a smoking ban has been in place since 2009.

There is one exception to the rule.

A designated area in back of the Dawson County Government Center will be allocated for smoking.

County commissioners said the exemption was made in respect to judges in the local court system that may require a smoking area for jurors serving on court cases.

"We ran into an issue...judges may dictate that jurors have a smoking area and we want to accommodate that. Judges really run the building, so we will put a smoking sign out back at the courthouse just for that purpose," said Commissioner Chairman Mike Berg.

Two public hearings on the proposed ordinance revision were held. No one spoke for or against the measure.

Commissioners approved the measure in a 4-0 vote Thursday.

The ban is effective immediately.