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Tax appeals rise slightly from 10
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The number of property tax appeals submitted to the Dawson County Board of Assessors is up slightly from 2010.

Chief appraiser Michael Roberts said his office received roughly 750 appeals from more than 15,000 assessments mailed out to property owners in June. The office received nearly 600 in 2010.

"Roughly 750 appeals out of over 15,000 is a great indication that we are in line or below what most people feel their values are," Roberts said.

This was the first year that every property owner in the county received an assessment, the result of a new state law.

Previously, property owners received an assessment only when there was a change in ownership or value, or if they filed a return with the tax assessor's office.

County appraisers are now in the process of reviewing the appeals.

"If changes are needed due to physical characteristic errors, we make them and send a new notice," Roberts said.

Property owners would then have an additional 30 days to appeal again if they believe there is still an error.

The appeal would then be forwarded to the county's board of equalization, or the property owner could also choose to bypass the board and have the appeal heard in Superior Court or settled through arbitration.

The county anticipates sending out official tax bills in September or October. The bills will be due on Dec. 1.