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Road dispute winds down
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A decade long dispute over who’s responsible for the upkeep of two roads in the Chestatee subdivision is expected to come to an end on Thursday.


The Dawson County Board of Commissioners and Chestatee developer Brian Ferris are closing in on an agreement to work together to maintain portions of Night Fire Road and Dogwood Way in the neighborhood.


Dawson County Manager Kevin Tanner asked the board last week to accept both roads into the county’s road maintenance system after discussing the legalities of the 10-year-old dispute with County Attorney Joey Homans.


Homans determined the county is legally responsible for both roads, aside from about 1,600 feet running from the intersection of Ga. 400 on Night Fire.


According to the proposed agreement, Ferris would pay to repair that section in accordance with the specifications to bring the road up to the county’s current maintenance standard.


The county’s portion of funding for the overall project would be $163,000 to be paid by SPLOST IV funds. The developer’s portion would be $78,000, which includes a 10 percent contingency to repair roadway base issues.


Tanner said the portion Ferris would repair has some drainage issues that would be addressed.


“There has been some concern about base failure on that roadway,” he said.


Tanner said the county receives numerous requests from citizens asking the county to take over and maintain private roads.


“We don’t have the money to take every road we’re asked and bring it up to a standard,” he said. “We’d bankrupt the county if we did.”


Accepting the two roads in Chestatee, he said, is based on Homans’ legal opinion.


“When we started this process, we wanted to be very clear that we were not treating Chestatee any differently than we would anybody else that came to us,” Tanner said. “If we were not legally responsible for those roads, then we would not be bringing you this proposal.”


The board is set to vote on the proposal during its June 3 meeting.