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Rider honored for safe driving
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Equipment Operator Mitchell Rider of Dawson County Public Works was recently named Vulcan Truck Driver of the Quarter.


Vulcan Materials Company of Dahlonega, in their endeavors to promote an atmosphere of excellence and safety, encourages drivers to practice safe driving rules within the quarry.


Safety is so important, they have, in fact, designed and created a program recognizing those few individuals that stand out among the many. 


Quarterly, Vulcan praises a driver for their continued safety awareness and consideration of the potential dangers around them and their fellow colleagues.


It has become so prestigious that a plaque is awarded and drivers’ pictures are displayed on the safety drivers’ board for everyone to witness as they enter and exit Vulcan’s quarry.


It has become a board of distinction for the drivers as they compete for this recognition.


The competitive spirit circulates among the drivers who frequent the hauling community.


Dawson County Public Works Director David Headley said the department strives for excellence every day. 


“Regardless of where we are, or the duties before us, public safety is our number one priority,” he said.


Rider is the second public works employee to claim the prestigious award. 


“Last year David Dorsey received this award and between the two of them they have raised the bar for others to follow,” said Headley. “Congratulations to Mr. Rider. I am proud to acknowledge the precedents these gentlemen are setting for others to follow.”