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Mayor Grogan appeals removal from office
Mayor appeals Grogan MUG
Mayor James Grogan - photo by For the Dawson County News

Dawsonville Mayor James Grogan has appealed the city council's decision to remove him from office following a May 15 hearing where the council voted 3-1 in favor of removal.

The Mayor's appeal was mailed by attorney Steven Leibel on May 17 to City Attorney Dana Miles. A notice of appeal to the Superior Court of Dawson County was hand delivered to City Clerk Bonnie Warne that day.

A press release from City Manager Bob Bolz dated May 22 states that Grogan will continue to act as Mayor during this portion of the appellate proceedings, until a decision as to his continued service can be obtained from the Dawson County Superior Court.

"It is hoped this will limit the number of issues on appeal, so that a timely and efficient resolution of this dispute can be achieved for the City of Dawsonville and it's residents," the release reads.

The process, according to Leibel, will take a long time and a lot of money.

"We are looking forward to the mayor working and doing what the mayor does, and now as they say we hurry up and wait," Leibel said Monday. "While the appeal is pending the mayor will stay in lawful office."

Grogan reported to work Monday morning and presided over a 5 p.m. work session during which the council discussed potential land acquisition, the city budget, annexation fees, social media policy and peddler licensing.