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Dawsonville City Council renews 0 millage rate for 2020
City hall

At its regular meeting and work session on Monday, Aug. 17, the Dawsonville City Council established a millage rate for 2020 and then voted to officially roll back the rate to 0, as it has done for many years in the past. 

During the meeting, City Finance Administrator Hayden Wiggins presented the millage rate to the mayor and council members.

“Basically what we calculated it out to be is a millage rate of 8.51 mils and I’m recommending that we roll it back to 0,” Wiggins said.

For a $250,000 house in the city, a rate of 8.51 mils would mean about $851 in taxes. So the rollback will save city residents about $851 per $250,000 house, Wiggins said. 

In a previous city council meeting on Aug. 3 which also included a discussion about the millage rate, Wiggins told the council that the city’s rate has been rolled back to 0 every year for a long time now.

“The millage rate has been rolled back for as long as I’ve known now, so for at least 25 years,” he said.

The council members voted unanimously to adopt the rollback millage rate of 0.