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Dawson County Board of Commissioners regular meeting agenda
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6 p.m. Thursday at city hall


A. Roll Call

  B. Opening Presentation –Work Ready Program Update – Linda Williams, president, Dawson County Chamber of Commerce  C. Pledge of Allegiance  D. Announcements  E. Approval of Minutes  Minutes of Regular Commission Meeting held on June 3, 2010  F. Approval of the Agenda  G. Public Comment (3 minute limit/person 15 minutes maximum)  • None  H. Alcohol License Hearings  • Retail Package Beer & Wine License – Revco Discount Drug Centers, Inc. d/b/a CVS/Pharmacy #5640  I. Zoning  None   J. Public Hearings  • None  K. Old Business  • None  L. New Business   • Approval of TEFRA Resolution on Recovery Zone Bonds    • Approval to hold hearings regarding the changes to the Subdivision Regulations    • Approval of Cooperative Agreement between GA Forestry and Dawson County    • Approval of Part Time Community Service Supervisor    • Approval of CHIP Grant Application   • Board Appointment: DFCS Board    • Board Appointment: Tree Preservation Committee   • RESOLUTION: Retirement of Dawson County Sheriff’s Department K-9, Yoki    • IGA with BOE and Lanier Tech for Lanier Tech Right of Way (tabled from 05/06/10 and 05/20/10)   • Approval of GEBCorp Defined Benefit Plan Contract    M. Adjournment   N. Public Comment