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County and shelter reach agreement
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After months of negotiating, the local humane society and Dawson County have reached a deal.


The Dawson County Board of Commissioners signed off on a contract last Thursday to pay the shelter $150,000, the equivalent of $12,500 a month, in 2010 for animal control services.


Director Kay Harris said the shelter is moving forward in search of additional funding sources and has several events planned over the next few months to raise money.


“We know our budgets will be cut the next few years, and we’re preparing for that,” Harris said. “With more fundraisers, hopefully it moves us closer to standing on our own two feet.”


Shelter volunteers initially rejected the county’s proposal, saying the cost to care for animals and prepare them for adoption was more than the county was willing to pay.


The county began addressing budgetary woes early last year and made cuts in all departments and county-funded agencies. The cash-strapped shelter’s budget has been cut by about $30,000 in the last year.


With the group’s annual golf tournament, followed by a rock ‘n’ roll concert and a mystery dinner theater, in addition to a community yard sale in May, Harris is optimistic the shelter will find the funds needed to care for the critters.


“This is kitten and puppy season, so we’re pretty busy here,” Harris said. “We can use all the help we can get.”


For more information about the society or its fundraisers, call (706) 265-9160.