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Council members sworn in
Byrd appointed mayor pro-tem
3 Swearing in pic2
Councilman-elect James Grogan takes an oath to serve Dawsonville during a ceremony Dec. 1 at city hall. He was joined by his wife, Carol, and daughter, Sara. - photo by Michele Hester Dawson Community News

Calvin Byrd said he was more surprised than anyone when he was appointed mayor pro-tem of Dawsonville for 2010.


The current city council voted 4-0 on Dec. 1 to appoint Byrd, a local businessman and political newcomer, to the post.


Byrd, 25, and James Grogan, 65, were elected to the council in the Nov. 3 municipal election.


Mayor pro-tem, who conducts business for the mayor in his absence, has typically been reserved for an experienced council member.


“It was a shock to me, but I appreciate the council’s confidence in me,” Byrd said.


Byrd and Grogan, who also had not previously held public office, were sworn in by City Attorney Dana Miles on Dec. 1. Their four-year terms begin Jan. 1.


“I do understand there is a lot I’m going to learn over the next several months,” said Byrd, adding that he’s registered for several training courses “to help further my knowledge.”


The incoming councilmen said they plan to spend time with Dawsonville Mayor Joe Lane Cox, who Grogan described as a wealth of knowledge locally and throughout the state.


“Joe Lane’s got contacts that are unbelievable throughout the state. I want to get to know the people he knows,” Grogan said.


Both he and Byrd also said they will rely on residents’ knowledge to help them serve the city.


“I’ve talked to several [county] commissioners, and I’ve been very pleased with the support of the council and the commissioners, both past and present,” Byrd said.