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Commissioners' agenda
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4 p.m. Thursday at city hall


New business


1. Presentation of FY2011 Juvenile Court Additional Grant Funds - Judge Mary Carden.


2. Presentation of EMS Vehicle Equipment Replacement Grant application - EMA Director Billy Thurmond.


3. Presentation of FY2012 DHR Unified Transportation Grant application - Grants Administrator Kaye Molden.


4. Presentation of Tractor Mower RFP - Public Works Director David Headley.


5. Presentation of TLOST Road Recommendations - County Manager Kevin Tanner and Public Works Director David Headley.


6. Presentation of the Extension of the Atlanta Gas Light Line Contract for New Government Center - County Manager Kevin Tanner.


7. Presentation of Audio Visual IFB for New Government Center  - County Manager Kevin Tanner.


8. County Manager Report


9. County Attorney Report


• Anyone wishing to speak at the regular meeting on any of these items must notify the county clerk five  days in advance of the scheduled meeting.


• Anyone wishing to speak on a non-agenda item must notify the county clerk within 10 minutes of the start of the voting session.