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City to form Historic Preservation Commission
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After reviewing an ordinance regarding the city's historical preservation, one city council member has decided to expand the role.

"We were making a couple of changes in our Historical Preservation Ordinance and we found that, if we made a couple of changes, we could be eligible for further grants and funding," said Councilwoman Angie Smith. "We started by separating the Historic Preservation Commission from the Planning and Zoning Commission."

The new commission will consist of five members that are appointed by the mayor and ratified by the city council. These commissioners will serve three year terms, staggered to where the members will serve one, two and three year terms.

"These members have to be residents of the city and it's preferred that they have some sort of experience and education in history and architecture," Smith said. "Something to base research on is ideal. However, it can just be a special interest."

The commission will evaluate any requests for building or facades, along with researching and applying for any funding to help preserve the city's historic district or expand the district.

"If anyone is more than happy to discuss this with us, we want to do things right," said Mayor James Grogan.

For more information on the historic committee, contact the city at (706) 265-3256.