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City approves proposed 2013-14 budget
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Dawsonville has a working budget for fiscal year 2013-14.

The city council reviewed the proposed budget of about $1.2 million, which was available for public viewing at city hall and on the municipality's Web site, during a public hearing June 19.

The spending plan is about $400,000 less than last year's $1.6 million amended budget.

"This is a balanced budget," said City Clerk Bonnie Warne during the hearing. "We have budgeted for $1,224,000 in revenue and that is the same amount we expect in expenditures."

While last year's budget was initially set at $1.27 million, three amendments caused the budget to increase by about $350,000, with the city buying a digital sign, paying off a loan and setting up a revolving fund for revitalization.

"We have gone over the accounts and made adjustments as items come up, but this is the operating budget for fiscal year 2013-14," Warne said.

Though the hearing was open to public comment, no residents spoke. After the hearing, Councilman Mike Sosebee made a motion to approve the budget, which was seconded by Councilman Jason Power and passed unanimously.

Mayor James Grogan said he hopes the coming fiscal year will bring continued improvements.

"I think we're looking at smoothing some things out this year in the budget," Grogan said. "We did a lot of things this past year, like paving all of the streets downtown, sealing and marking city hall's parking lots, among other things."